Update: January, 2017



connect-self2Hello friends!

Here we are 2017 – Happy New you, the year of new beginnings and infinite possibilities – fabulous!

No matter what happened last year, it’s passed – thank you very much 2016 – you allowed me to have some down time in order to self-develop in creative ways and work on being present. Boy did it make me feel exposed and vulnerable. No matter what was going on around me, however stressful and intense it may have seemed, using the time increased my tenacity to move forward and ask for help when I needed it.  This support came in the guise of people who were also on the same path of awakening. This certainly helped with the relationship with my mind.

In addition to this, Martin and I celebrated the birth of our gorgeous, baby girl  (more on that in future blog posts)! I truly believe it was nature’s way of saying hey you’ve got this amazing opportunity to tune in and connect on an even deeper level into womanhood and burst with unconditional love to all that is. Much of it came through rest, being present, taking care of my body and tuning into what baby needed. It also resulted in increased balance, harmony and awareness.

So presence was a big factor in 2016 and totally what I want to cultivate more of in 2017. Why? Because it’s made me a much happier, contented person. Without presence you miss life’s gifts presented to you. This is where the magic really happens and we can simply watch what unfolds in whatever we choose to do. The true meaning of life. It doesn’t have to be accomplishing this and that, fitting in and comparing, being someone we’re not. It’s about just being here, moment to moment. Presence points you in the right direction. It will create much needed space and time to gain a better overview and perspective of your life. All it takes is commitment and remembering that your happiness is what matters the most.

There are still some spots left on our Peace of Mind, Body and Spirit Retreat in Spain this July 2-9, 2017  which, will offer you just that – space, time and rest for you to cultivate a practice to be present and enjoy life just as it is. We would LOVE to see you there and share with you tools and practices we’ve learned over the years, to help you find your inner peace. It’s going to be fun, I promise you!

There are the usual offerings of Meditation, Angelic Reiki, and Guidance Readings to help you continue with 2017.

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All my love,

Sharron x

Head Honcho & Connector