One of my happy times is when it’s a New Moon, which happens to be very soon (24 July) – Happy New Moon everyone!

A New Moon is always a time to fall back in love with life, be proud of latest achievements, come back to a clean slate, make new wishes and trust that there is a force out there which will deliver as the moon grows.

Last year, I had a deep, deep desire to start my business. I literally woke up one morning and told myself it’s now or never. That same morning I logged into Google, found a retreat centre in Spain, booked and paid a deposit. Job done! Almost immediately my doubts set in and my ego mind was shouting out ‘oh no, what have you done!’. Well, I ignored that voice.

Just a little over two weeks ago, my wish came true. I hosted my first ever European Happylicious Retreat and what a lovely retreat it was too. I really couldn’t of asked for anything more. The place was beautiful, the group, were just amazing and the whole experience of teaching again fired up my creativity and gave me a sense of purpose. It felt so good to be in service to others and learning from them. You could say I got my mojo back!

So, with this new found trust, I’ve been a busy bee, not only relocating to mountains of Austria with the little one but also putting a plan of action together for the coming months and for 2018.

First off. I am eager to organise an Angelic Reiki workshop after summer. I have a tentative date of 16 September possibly in the midlands or south of England. So I’m putting the feelers out there. If you happen to be interested or know anyone that may be, do let me know. You can find some further information about this beautiful healing modality by clicking here.

I’m also interested about collaborating with other conscious teachers and creating wellness workshops in the Reading and London area and dare I say, hosting a possible Happylicious weekend workshop in the south of England toward the end of this year! Keep checking here, as I’ll be updating as and when it’s confirmed.

Not only that, I’ve been divinely nudged to update and revamp my offerings. A new theme and clear direction presented itself to me only just this week. This clarified the type of client I want to work with on a one-to-one basis.

Back to that Happylicious Retreat in Spain, well guess what…EEEEK…it’s happening again next year – Wahoo! I would love to see you there and share with you tools and practices I’ve learned over the years, to help you find your inner peace. As always it’s going to be fun, I promise you! For more info and testimonies please shimmy on over here.

In the meantime, for now, there are the usual offerings of Meditation, Angelic Reiki, and Guidance Readings to help you continue into the second half of 2017 and of course our lovingly made handcrafted items in our shop!


All my love,

Sharron x

Head Honcho & Connector